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Look At What ClimateMaster is Coming Out With 

ClimateMaster introduces the Trilogy 40 Series

ClimateMaster announced an efficiency breakthrough with introduction of the Trilogy 40 series, the first geothermal heat pumps ever certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to exceed 40 EER at ground-loop (GLHP) conditions.

The revolutionary new Trilogy 40 utilizes variable speed technology to provide an extremely wide range of heating and cooling capacities, with the ability to perfectly match loads to as low as 30% of maximum.  In addition, patent-pending Q-Mode technology produces year-round domestic hot water on demand, even when space conditioning is not required.

The Trilogy 40 Q-Mode series is the outcome of a five year collaboration between ClimateMaster and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), which was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Program.   Based on field tests and analysis by ORNL, the Trilogy 40 Q-Mode can save 55-65% of annual energy use and cost for space conditioning and water heating in residential applications versus new minimum efficiency (SEER 13) conventional systems and 30-35% versus current state-of-the-art two-stage geothermal heat pumps.

In addition to efficiency, the Trilogy 40 Q-Mode delivers unsurpassed comfort and humidity control by precisely matching its capacity to the heating and cooling load.   For installing and servicing contractors, it also offers the latest technology to configure and diagnose the system electronically using communicating controls and sensors that monitor every critical aspect of system operation to ensure peak performance.

"The Trilogy 40 Q-Mode represents a major breakthrough in comfort and efficiency," said John Bailey, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ClimateMaster.  "With variable speed fan, pump and compressor (Trilogy technology) plus four operating modes (Q-Mode technology), it far exceeds the capabilities of any other HVAC unit on the market today.  Plus, it can completely eliminate the use of auxiliary heat even in far Northern climates."

ClimateMaster introduces Tranquility® High Efficiency Two-Stage Compact (TZ) Series

 ClimateMaster introduces Tranquility High Efficiency Two-Stage Compact=

The Tranquility® High Efficiency (TZ) Series offers high efficient two-stage operation in a simple cabinet design.

The Tranquility® High Efficiency Series also offers options that allow for application flexibility. Available options include hot water generator, coated air coils, extended range insulation, UltraQuiet package and constant speed internal secondary circulator.

The Tranquility® High Efficiency (TZ) Series also includes the all new Digital technology that set it apart from the competition:

iGate™ - Information Gateway - to monitor, control and diagnose the system, in plain English. The amount of information you get from this 2-way communicating system about system performance, conditions at the time of a fault are UNMATCHED in the industry.

vFlow™ - Variable Water Flow - Built-in variable water flow components reduce installation labor and time, ensures operation at optimal capacity.  In closed loop applications, the variable-speed internal flow controller saves 70-80% in water circulation costs in part load (vs. single speed flow controllers).  In open loop applications, the internal modulating motorized valve reduces installation complexity and pumping watts by automatically delivering the right water flow and not wasting pumping watts.  A low pressure drop version of the modulating motorized valve is also available for closed loop systems.

ClimateMaster introduces Tranquility® 22 Two-Stage Compact (TY) Series

The Tranquility® 22 Two-Stage Compact (TY) Series raises the bar for water-source heat pump efficiencies, features and application flexibility. Not only does the Tranquility® 22 Compact Series exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies with two-stage operation, it uses EarthPure® (HFC-410A) zero ozone depletion refrigerant, making it an extremely environmentally-friendly option.  With one of the smallest cabinets in the industry, the Tranquility® 22 Compact (TY) Series will easily fit into tight spaces. Designed to be backward compatible with thousands of older water-source heat pumps, the Tranquility® 22 Compact (TY) Series heat pump is packed full of the innovation you have come to expect from the experts at ClimateMaster such as the iGate™ advanced control, making the TY Series easy to operate and install.

ClimateMaster introduces new motor option for TRM product family

The TRM size 09 and 12 are now available with an ECM motor option to complete the entire product line.  The new option is available on all high rise models, size and voltage to give you a competitive advantage.  Download the latest product literature to review the features and operation.

ClimateMaster introduces the Tranquility® TC Series in sizes 13-tons through 25-tons


Now available in horizontal and vertical sizes 13-tons through 25-tons with multiple cabinet configurations, the Tranquility® Compact (TC) Belt Drive Series offers an even wider range of units for most any installation. The Tranquility® Compact Series has an extended range capable refrigerant circuit suited for geothermal, ground water, as well as water loop (boiler-tower) applications.

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